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Dubai Welcomes UAE’s First Licensed School for Camel Riding Classe

A significant milestone has been achieved in Dubai as the inaugural licensed school dedicated to teaching the revered skill of camel riding has opened its doors. This event marks the official recognition of camel riding in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and highlights its profound cultural significance, dating back to the seventh century.

In the UAE’s rich cultural tapestry, camel riding holds a special place, embodying tradition and heritage. Presently, a solitary school stands licensed to impart the expertise of this ancient practice.

Linda Krockenberger, a driving force behind this pioneering initiative, recounted her personal journey that led to the establishment of the Arabian Desert Camel Riding Centre in 2021. As a co-founder and collaborator with a local partner, she has not only brought the concept to life but also assumed the role of a trainer.

While other options for camel riding exist, they often lack the depth of experience offered by Krockenberger’s center. She emphasized the center’s unique approach, enabling participants to forge meaningful bonds with the animals, offering repeated interactions, and even honing advanced riding skills. The center’s programs range from long-distance rides to overnight desert camping and even participation in short races.

The art of camel riding requires a keen understanding of the animal’s movements and nuances. Jana Schmiedel, a camel riding trainer, shared her perspective, labeling camels as “Gentle Giants.” She expressed immense pride in each riding experience, highlighting the nuanced communication between rider and camel. The German trainer underscored that riding involves intricate shifts in body weight and the use of a single rope as a directional tool.

As Dubai unveils this licensed school, it elevates camel riding to a newfound status, celebrating the cultural heritage and historical significance it holds within the heart of the UAE.

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