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Bucks Defense Impresses in Doc Rivers’ Coaching Debut


The Milwaukee Bucks experienced a shift in leadership as Doc Rivers made his coaching debut, replacing Adrian Griffin midseason. Rivers emphasized the need for patience, acknowledging the challenges of joining a team midway through the season. Despite the 113-107 loss to the Denver Nuggets, the Bucks showcased improved defensive efforts, holding the Nuggets to 113 points, a commendable feat against a prolific offense. Rivers aimed to gradually implement his strategies without overwhelming the players mentally.

In his 25-year coaching career, Rivers had never taken over a team midseason, describing it as a challenging situation. The Bucks, accustomed to Griffin’s coaching, now adapt to Rivers’ coaching style, requiring time for a smooth transition. While the loss marked Rivers’ record at 1-4 in his coaching debuts with new teams, the defensive improvement offered encouragement to the Bucks.

The game against the Nuggets revealed the Bucks’ ability to play solid defense, a positive development considering their 24th ranking in defensive efficiency. Despite the offensive struggles, Rivers praised the half-court defense, emphasizing the competitive spirit displayed by the team. Both Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo faced challenges in getting their offense going, highlighting the adjustment phase under Rivers.

Antetokounmpo acknowledged the need for patience during the learning process. Expressing satisfaction with Rivers’ coaching in the first game, he recognized the gradual adjustments in playing style and defensive strategies. The Bucks’ star player emphasized the importance of consistent effort and set a standard for the team’s performance.

Rivers, taking over amidst a five-game road trip, envisions extended shootarounds and additional practice days to help the team acclimate to the changes. With 35 games left in the regular season, Rivers understands that the transformation cannot occur overnight. However, the players have already shown confidence in Rivers, praising his composure, calmness, and effective communication of responsibilities.

Bucks center Brook Lopez lauded Rivers for maintaining a sense of composure and ensuring everyone was on the same page. Despite the loss, the debut showcased Rivers’ leadership qualities and his ability to guide the team through adjustments. As the Bucks navigate the remaining schedule before the playoffs, the players are buying into Rivers’ coaching process, emphasizing the importance of patience and a collective commitment to a new standard of performance.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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