“I Don’t Dream to Play in Front of Empty Stands” – Novak Djokovic

The top authorities of tennis are finding every possible way to resume the tour in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the better alternatives to restart tennis is to play behind closed doors. However, World No.1 Novak Djokovic explained that it will not be an ideal situation for the tennis players.

Djokovic suggested that he cannot think of playing competitive tennis in front of empty stands. However, he admitted that playing behind closed doors is the only way to resume the season.

I honestly don’t dream to play in front of empty stands. But It looks like that it’s going to be the reality of tennis. We have to probably accept that if we want to have the tour continued then we have to be playing in certain restricted conditions that will at least allow us to play and compete,” said Djokovic in a conversation with Gustavo Kuerten.

“I personally don’t play tennis for me only” – Novak Djokovic

“If this is ideal? No, of course. My opinion is that I personally don’t play tennis for me only. Of course, I play for me and my family. I feel like tennis gives me so much joy and I love playing it and of course, I practice. I don’t need to have people there every practice,” he added.

However, Novak explained that tennis is a platform as all professional sport that brings the players closer to the people who love sport, who love tennis. It’s about connection, it’s about unity, it’s about bringing people joy for watching the players play. He described the synergy between the crowd and the player on the court as magic.

The 32-year-old suggested that it’s something that makes our sport very beautiful. It motivates him and he feels more responsible, more focused but he still feels that it appears to be going in this direction.

“I think the advantage of tennis in these circumstances compared to may other sports like team sports is that you can play national level tournaments, regional level or continental tournaments if countries between themselves allow people and players to travel between the countries,” Djokovic continued.

“So you can have these kinds of tournaments because you are individual athletes. Even social distancing is respected because you don’t need to touch each other,” he added.

The tennis tour came to a halt in early March due to the outbreak of coronavirus. It is still uncertain when the season will recommence. However, many exhibition tournaments are being organized in different parts of the world with the players competing without any spectators. It seems professional tennis will soon resume with restricted conditions.

Source: EssentiallySports

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