Hyderabad FC: Triumph to Turmoil


Hyderabad FC, once hailed as champions of the Indian Super League, now finds itself engulfed in a crisis, grappling with a plethora of challenges that threaten the club’s stability and reputation. From a FIFA-imposed transfer ban to unpaid salaries and a mass exodus of key players, the club’s journey from triumph to turmoil has been swift and staggering.

Just two years ago, Hyderabad FC clinched the ISL title in a thrilling penalty shootout, igniting hopes of a promising future for the club. However, a series of unfortunate events, starting with a transfer ban imposed by FIFA due to unpaid salary dues to former player Nestor Gordillo, set off a chain reaction of crises that have brought the club to its knees. The repercussions of the ban were profound, leading to the departure of several key players and staff, unpaid salaries for months, and mounting tensions within the club.

As the club languishes at the bottom of the league table without a single win this season, owner Varun Tripuraneni acknowledges the gravity of the situation, admitting to “major concerns” and a “disappointing season.” Despite the daunting challenges, Tripuraneni remains optimistic about addressing the issues, asserting that the club is “on track” to recovery.

However, behind the scenes, the club grapples with a myriad of operational and financial obstacles. Former employees reveal the extent of the financial strain, citing months of unpaid salaries and broken promises from club management. The failure to clear dues not only triggered a second transfer ban but also precipitated a mass exodus of players, leaving the squad depleted and inexperienced.

The departure of established players further exacerbated the club’s woes, leaving behind a young and inexperienced roster ill-equipped to navigate the rigors of professional football. The club’s official website reflects the stark reality, with headlines highlighting the emergence of inexperienced youngsters thrust into the spotlight.

Operational challenges have compounded the club’s woes, with travel logistics and basic facilities compromised due to financial constraints. From last-minute flight bookings to substandard accommodations, the club’s struggles off the field mirror its dismal performance on it.

Despite the adversity, Tripuraneni remains steadfast in his commitment to the club’s long-term vision, citing investments in infrastructure and a determination to overcome short-term challenges. Yet, for players and staff grappling with unpaid dues and uncertain futures, the road to recovery appears arduous and uncertain.

As Hyderabad FC navigates through its darkest hour, the club’s fate hangs in the balance. With a new generation of players tasked with reviving the club’s fortunes, the path to redemption is fraught with obstacles. For now, the club’s stakeholders remain hopeful that Hyderabad FC will emerge stronger from its current tribulations, but the road ahead is fraught with uncertainty and challenges.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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