WATCH: Shocking moment footballer uses a CORNER FLAG as a SPEAR during mass brawl

THIS is the shocking moment a footballer used a CORNER FLAG to defend himself during on-field brawl.

Ecuadorian side Independiente del Valle faced River Plate in the under 20s semi-final of the Copa Libertadores last night.

River Plate suffered a 3-2 aggregate defeat to Independiente and things got heated at the final whistle.

Independiente ace Angelo Preciado found himself at the center of a mass brawl at the end of the match and forced to take drastic measures to defend himself.

Preciado was seen grabbing the corner flag pole and used it as a makeshift spear as he found himself outnumbered by the angry River Plate players.


Defender Preciado was eventually persuaded to drop the corner flag pole after he appeared to threaten to stab those attempting to attack him.

A team-mate was seen throwing the pole behind the advertising hoardings before Preciado was led away.

While tensions appeared to calm on the field after the corner flag incident, it’s understood insults were exchanged as players returned to the dressing room.

It’s unclear what 20-year-old Preciado said to his rivals to spark the brawl but the South American Football Federation CONMEBOL are expected to take disciplinary action against those involved.


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