UEFA set to launch third European competition

UEFA are set to launch a third European club competition from the start of the 2021-22 season. The announcement was made by European Club Association president, Andrea Agnelli earlier today.

The Juventus chairman said, “Pending approval of the Uefa executive committee, the green light has been given to introduce a third competition, bringing the overall number of clubs to 96, as of the 2021/22 season.”

Reports suggest that the Europa League’s group stage would be reduced from 48 teams to 32. However, the number of clubs in the Champions League will remain untouched.

UEFA has revealed that they are constantly reviewing its club competitions. They have also been discussing various ideas within its Club Competitions Committee about potential changes that could be made.

The details about the new competition remain uncertain but it has been made clear that it will not be a straight replacement for the Cup Winners’ Cup, which was discontinued in 1999. Reports suggest that it will be a Champions League type competition but with entry limited to teams from Europe’s weaker national leagues.

The launch of a European Super League has long been mooted. The big clubs wanted to make a league of their own and compete regularly but that has not materialized.

Agnelli also hinted at the ECA General Assembly that further changes to the international calendar are being considered, despite the launch of the Nations League. 'A detailed assessment of the existing international match calendar is required prior to presenting a new model post-2024,' Agnelli added. 'The current model needs modernising.'

Thxe ‘modernising’ of Champions League and Europa League might be essential soon as the World Cup will be held in November and December during in 2022. That will force the clubs to reschedule the games and starting 2023, the league matches might be played from February to October.



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