‘This is not about who has the biggest d**k’ – Former star on Mourinho-Pogba situation

Manchester United’s former striker Dimitar Berbatov has lashed out at Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba for their much-publicized fallout.

Apparently, Mourinho and Pogba’s working relationship has soured over the course of this season. It had started with their disagreement on the touchline when Tottenham Hotspur visited Old Trafford in January. Since then, there have been various instances that have highlighted the tension between the two of them.

Pogba was omitted from the squad against Derby County a couple of days ago. United were knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Frank Lampard’s team. Later, Mourinho confessed that he had stripped the Frenchman of vice-captaincy.

Earlier this week, Pogba had stated his disappointment over United’s playing style in the draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers. He insisted that the team should ‘Attack, Attack, Attack’ at home. Thus, the 25-year-old indicated that the team should adopt a more offensive approach in matches.

Berbatov had some wise words to say regarding this situation. The Bulgarian reportedly remarked, “If you are a captain or vice-captain, you're more often than not speaking on behalf of the players, and there is nothing wrong with giving the manager your thoughts.

“But this shouldn't be done in the media – it helps nobody for these arguments to be played out in public. Apart from the media themselves of course!

“In modern football, players are very powerful, they are the stars of the show. It's normal for them to have opinions, but they need to be backed up.

“I’m really surprised it has got to this stage. This sort of thing really needs to be kept in-house. You're all grown-ups, figure it out in the dressing room.

Berbatov further said, “For Mourinho to have gone as far as removing the vice-captaincy, Pogba must have provoked him – whether it was the comments after the Wolves game or something else. But these arguments affect everybody else and start having an impact on the pitch.

“As someone who wants Manchester United to do well, I'm fed up of waking up and seeing these headlines.

“Football should be about what happens on the pitch, not who has the biggest d*ck. It's a stupid situation.'

Manchester United next play against West Ham United at the London Stadium this weekend. It remains to be seen whether how Pogba reacts to his manager’s decision on the field.

However, Berbatov’s comments make a lot of sense. Amid the disagreements between the Frenchman and Mourinho, they are putting the team in a difficult spot. United currently are eight points behind first-placed Liverpool in the points table.

The duo has to find a middle ground or a solution if they were to revive the team’s performance this season.




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