The ten Premier League players with the highest win percentages in its history

Antoine Griezmann

With a brutal, physical style and competitiveness that sees constant underdog victories, there have been countless world-class players who have struggled to make the grade in England’s top tier.

As a result, the select few players who manage to lift the Premier League title are worthy of all the praise they receive, especially when only seven clubs have managed the feat since 1992.

Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester City stand alone in the exclusive club of sides to have lifted one of football’s most iconic trophies.

But if we’re splitting hairs between winners and the biggest winners of all, then it only makes sense to look a little closer and see which players have become near-untouchable in England.

The Premier League’s serial winners

This week, Squawka decided to entertain that very question, drawing up the 10 players with the highest win percentages in Premier League history having played at least 100 matches.

As you’d expect, many of the players featured in some of the finest championship-winning teams in the competition’s history, but the number one stands anomalous without a title win to his name.

We know that’s piqued your interest so, without further ado, check out the 10 players who have enjoyed the sweet taste of three points in the Premier League more often than anyone else:

10. Nicolas Otamendi – 68.7%

90 wins from 131 games

Say what you like about his defending, but the fact of the matter is that Otamendi has regularly featured in Pep Guardiola’s back-to-back champions and helped marshall their astonishing points tallies.

9. David Silva – 69.1%

208 wins from 301 games

With four Premier League titles to his name, Silva is a bona fide City legend and one of the league’s greatest European imports. The player on the list with the most games, which is impressive in itself.

9. Fernandinho – 69.1%

150 wins from 217 games

Another veteran at the Etihad Stadium, timing was the essence for Fernandinho who arrived for the 2013/14 title-winning season and featured so regularly in the record-breaking 2017/18 and 2018/19 campaigns.

7. Kevin De Bruyne – 69.2%

101 wins from 146 games

There’s a theme here, isn’t there? Don’t worry, the whole list isn’t City players, but De Bruyne is yet another star in the north-west to have their statistics massaged by Guardiola working miracles.

6. Ricardo Carvalho – 70.4%

95 wins from 135 games

Praise the lord, a non-City player. Jose Mourinho brought a handful of players from his Champions League-winning Porto side with him to Stamford Bridge (more on another of them later), but none were more successful than Carvalho.

5. Michael Ballack – 70.5%

74 wins from 105 games

Although Ballack was past his prime by the time he moved to England, the legendary German still played his part in an unforgettable 2009/10 season where Chelsea became the first Premier League champions to ever score 100 goals.

4. Nemanja Vidic – 70.6%

149 wins from 211 games

Surprisingly, Vidic is the only United player on the list. Winning the title in his first three full seasons at Old Trafford certainly helped as well as making the decision to leave before the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era truly imploded.

3. Claude Makelele – 70.8%

102 wins from 144 games

Back to Chelsea players and Makelele became accustomed to winning more often than not in England largely for the fact his career for the Blues near enough matched that of Mourinho’s.

2. Paulo Ferreira – 72.3% 

102 wins from 141 games

You’d think that Ferreira sticking around at Stamford Bridge until 2013 would have side-swiped his chances, but just as Chelsea started petering out in the mid-2000s, Fereira’s game-time started declining in tandem.

Besides, the season in which he made his most appearances in west London – 2004-05 – happened to be a campaign where Chelsea lost a grand total of one league game.

1. Mohamed Salah – 73.5%

83 wins from 113 games

The only non-champion in the top ten will surely become one in the coming weeks and months if justice is served.

Salah barely lost a game during his brief stint at Mourinho’s Chelsea and astonishingly, Liverpool have only lost seven Premier League games in three seasons since his return to English shores.

Can’t stop winning

Imagine have a win rate of nearly 75%. Bonkers.

The last 10 years in particular have played host to some of the most dominant Premier League champions in history, so it makes sense that many of their alumni feature on this star-studded list.

Players like Ferreira and Otamendi have benefitted from perfect timing where their spells in England effectively ran parallel with yawning purple patches for their club they were playing for. 

But it’s fascinating that Salah, although not a Premier League champion, leads the way and the Liverpool star will be hoping to add a winners’ medal to his trophy cabinet when the action resumes.

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