Spanish Footballers Association complains about LaLiga’s decision to play in the United States

A day after LaLiga's historic announcement which stated that the league will have one competitive game which will be held in the United States or Canada from the upcoming 2018-19 season for the next 15 years, the Spanish Footballers Association (AFE) have expressed their displeasure over the move.

The AFE have complained that they were not consulted on the plan before it became official and believes that the fans will be the ones who will be suffering the most. The AFE also added that LaLiga's agreement with Relevent to play games in the USA or Canada is nothing but using Footballers as a currency to make money for third parties.

The AFE's statement read, 'In reference to the agreement made between LaLiga and the company Relevent, which includes that an official league match will be played in the United States, the AFE strongly objects.


'As per usual, LaLiga has dispensed with the opinions of the players and has undertaken actions that only benefit them, regardless of the health or risks to the players, and even less the feelings of the following masses of the clubs who are being 'forced' to compete in North America once a season. Faced with such manifest arbitrariness, David Aganzo, president of the Spanish Footballers Association (AFE), has made his complaint public and points out that 'footballers are not currency that can be used in business to only benefit third parties.' United we are stronger.'

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The big teams in Spain including the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have the habit of touring the United States for pre-season and will play a few friendly games which will attract a lot of fans. Keeping this in mind, LaLiga has closed a deal with Relevent about a competitive league match being played outside Spain for the first time. The move has received a lot of backlash from the LaLiga fans all over the world.

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