Real Madrid News: Casemiro explains the reason why he couldn’t have signed for Barcelona

Real Madrid’s star midfielder Casemiro, in an interview ahead of the Champions League final stated that he certainly wouldn’t have been a good fit at Barcelona as he believed that he “didn’t have their DNA.”

Taking advantage of the media obligations ahead of the grand finale of the European season, the Brazilian took the opportunity to clear the air regarding a few comments former Barcelona midfield maestro Xavi had made on him.               

'He can say anything he wants to, but I've been here [Real Madrid] for four years and played in four Champions League finals,' Casemiro stated.

'I couldn't sign for Barcelona, I don't have their footballing DNA like Xavi says.

'I'm with Madrid until the end.'

In January, the former Spain international had spoken about some of the stylistic differences between Barcelona and Real Madrid in an in-depth interview with El Pais.

'At Barcelona we understand football as a time-space concept,' he explained. 'Busquets, Messi and Iniesta are masters of this.

'They always know what to do when they are alone or surrounded.

'There are midfielders like Casemiro that don't understand this, but at the same time, Busquets can't cover like Casemiro.

'He's incredibly fast, but he has a difficult time with everything else because he hasn't worked on it.

'He has other skills and is more of a defensive player.'

Can Real do it again?

Whilst no one has yet been able to win the Champions League twice in a row ever since it was rechristened to its present day format, Real will be looking to win it for an unprecedented three times in a row and for the fourth time in five years.

Liverpool, consisting of the magnificent trio of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino only stand in their way between Real and their entry into the history books.

With the Reds garnering themselves a reputation for slicing through opponents left, right and centre, Casemiro will have to bring his A-game to the table if Real are to get the better of their English opponents and give their attackers a chance to win the game.

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