Messi talks about Ronaldo’s Real Madrid exit

Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid this summer has left Lionel Messi surprised. The Argentine was talking to Catalunya Radio when he revealed that he wasn't expected the Portuguese star to leave Bernabeu any time soon.

The topic of Ronaldo leaving Madrid came up when Messi was asked Catalunya Radio if he still thinks Real Madrid are a threat to their LaLiga title. Messi went on to say that Madrid are still one of the best despite Ronaldo's departure.

'Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world, and they have a great squad [but] it's evident that the absence of Ronaldo makes them less good and makes Juventus [one of the] clear favourites to win the Champions League,' Messi said.

Messi then went on to reveal that he was surprised at Ronaldo's decision to leave the Bernabeu. He believed that the former Madrid star would remain at the club for a long time and didn't picture him in another club's jersey.

'It surprised me. I didn't imagine him leaving Madrid or joining Juventus. There were a lot of teams that wanted him. It surprised me, but he has gone to a very good team,' added Messi.

Catalunya Radio switched the topic to the Champions League – the trophy Messi has vowed to bring to Camp Nou this season. However, he has made Juventus the clear favourites for the crown this season as they have Ronaldo.

'It makes Juventus a clear favourite to win the Champions League due to the squad they had before and now with him on top. I was surprised by his decision, I did not think he would go from Madrid nor that he would go to Juventus. There were so many teams, and I heard less about Juve, but it is a very good team,' admitted Messi.

While Madrid might not have the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo available to them anymore, they have started their league campaign quite brilliantly as both Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale have taken up the mantle to lead the Madrid attack in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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