Match awards from Bayern Munich’s 2-1 DFB-Pokal semi-final win versus Eintracht Frankfurt

Jersey Swap: David Abraham & Danny Da Costa

Da Costa is on specifically because his second-half goal made it a relatively competitive game at 1-1. David Abraham, however, was an absolute rock for Eintracht Frankfurt all night. Always at the right place at the right time, he consistently interrupted the play of Bayern and had himself an absolute stalwart of a match. The best player in a lacking Frankfurt squad.

Tip of the Cap: David Alaba

He was everywhere he needed to be all match. During Da Costa’s equaliser, Alaba was doing his job properly and was not at fault for the goal. His transition to centre-back hasn’t always been smooth but so far he is proving himself to be a better centre-back than Bayern’s record transfer, Lucas Hernandez.

Golf Clap: Ivan Perisic & Leon Goreztka

Shout-out to our friends at Südkurve Toronto!

Perisic is on this list solely because of his goal, a Robin Van Persie-esque header. Goretzka has become a hulking figure in the midfield. His new muscular figure has impacted his play as he has become aggressive and dominant in the midfield. We may have found the perfect partner next to Joshua Kimmich.

Standing Ovation: Joshua Kimmich

While he had a sloppy first half, Kimmich was his otherwise great self this match. While he was twisted and turned for Frankfurt’s only goal, he was also his usual controlling the midfield self-providing excellent defense and some great passing all while getting a boot to the head. Bayern overall could’ve had a better match but Kimmich was reliable per usual.

Our resident Raumdeuter was all over the place this game creating yet another assist, this time in the DFB-Pokal. Not only has he been arguably the best CAM in the Bundesliga this season, but he has also been his dominant creative self under Flick and tonight was another example of his continued brilliant resurgence.

Source: Bavarianfootballworks

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