Liverpool ace set to be given land in Mecca

The story of Mohamed Salah seems to get more amazing by the day. After a scintillating UEFA Champions League semi-final performance on Tuesday night, rumours in the Middle East surprisingly suggest that the Liverpool forward could soon be the owner of some very coveted land in the city of Mecca.

The vice president of Mecca Fahd Al Rowky sang the praises of the forward to Saudi Arabian outlet Al Rowky went into detail on how the precious gift could become a real-life proposition:

There are several choices regarding giving this piece of land. The way to go will be determined by captain Mohamed Salah as well as the Saudi system. If the Saudi system allows the land to be owned by Salah, he will be given a piece of land in Holy Mecca outside Haram.

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As most of us know, Mohamed Salah is a devout Muslim that holds his religious beliefs dear to heart. In fact, after every one of 42 goals this season, he’s bowed down & kissed the ground in respect to Allah. Now, Salah is set to be honoured with a very special gift in Saudi Arabia.

Funnily enough, Salah and his Egyptian teammates are in the same group as Saudi Arabia in the World Cup alongside Russia and Uruguay. With Salah firing up front, many will fancy Egypt as the dark outsiders for the competition. Many are calling the 25-year-old the best left-footed footballer on the planet, I’m guessing Lionel Messi will have something to say about that. Salah’s two goals and two assists against Roma while Messi was sitting at home watching, suggest the 25-year-old is worthy of that title.

For Mo Salah a gift of land in Mecca would rank up there in his lifetime achievements. Followed closely by his potential Ballon d’Or win in January…what a year it could be for Liverpool’s talisman.

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