FIFA World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi stuns Argentine reporter

Argentina endured a difficult start to the World Cup 2018, and required late moments of brilliance from Lionel Messi and Marcos Rojo to proceed ahead in the Round of `16. It is safe to assume that the Argentine public is tensed and anxious, considering the passion that they have for football. Moreover, the Argentines hold Lionel Messi accountable for any result that they achieve in the international stage. Hence, it has been difficult for Messi as his performances in the first two games were certainly not up to the level.

So, what exactly changed in the game against Nigeria?

Well, keeping the tactical and confidence part aside, some luck did favor Argentina and it might be due to the countless well-wishers that they have from back home. An Argentine reporter named Rama Pantarotto had previously gifted Messi a little amulet as a sign of good luck. He said that his mother loves Messi more that she loves her own son, and hence he gave Lionel the amulet earlier in the tournament.

After Argentina’s brilliant victory against Nigeria, he asked Messi whether the great man still had the red ribbon with him. Much to Rama’s astonishment, Lionel pulled up his socks and revealed the red amulet, saying, “Look”. The reporter was stunned, to say the least and instantly turned to the cameras telling his mother that their captain actually wore that ribbon during the match.

Messi had opened the scoring for Argentina in that match with a supreme control and an exquisite finish on the top corner. His celebration post that goal was much of a sign of relief, finally having broken his goal drought in the tournament. He was a lively figure afterward, leading the team and even delivered a small team talk in the halftime. 

I don’t know much about luck or good charm, but one thing is quite clear; Lionel Messi certainly knows how to keep his countrymen happy. On the field, and off the field too!

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