Juventus star set to get a long ban for his disgraceful actions

Juventus winger Douglas Costa could face a heavy ban after involving in a shameful incident with Federico Di Francesco during his team's Serie A game against Sassuolo last week. The game will be remembered by many, not for Cristiano Ronaldo's first official goal for Juventus but for Costa's actions that are considered disgraceful by many.

First, the Brazilian elbowed Di Francesco in the face before a rough challenge between the two players provoked him to headbutt him and spat on his face. His actions earned him a direct red card towards the end of the match.

Though Costa apologized for his actions after the match, he also defended himself by saying people don’t know what they’re talking about and what Di Francesco told him before admitting that his actions were wrong by all means and that there is no justification to his reactions.

With the ruling for his actions set to be out today, he could be getting a maximum of a six-match ban. The Brazilian winger could face a three-match ban and if the elbow he gave to Di Francesco is going to be investigated, then the ruling could be a six-match ban.

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri was left fuming after what Costa did as his actions cost his team a goal, a red card and a long suspension.

'It's only right that he is fined, and he certainly will be. Maybe he was irritated at a foul before. But it does not matter, because this absolutely must not happen. I was surprised by his reaction. We have suffered a goal, a red card and a suspension which will be long,' Allegri said.

Irrespective of what Di Francesco told Costa which ended up provoking him, the Brazilian winger should have controlled his temper and acted in a more matured way. His actions, without a doubt, was disgraceful and deserves a long ban for it.

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