Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup official logo unveiled in Doha

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup official logo unveiled in Doha

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup official logo unveiled in Doha

About FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Football is a festival that the whole world celebrates. With so many countries participating in the world cup, the hype for the game is real. In 2019, Qatar was appointed as the city which will be hosting the 2022 world cup matches. This will be the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup which will be the first staged in the Arab world. It will be started on November 21, 2022. The final will be played on December 18, 2022, Qatar’s National Day.

A total of 32 teams will be playing alternative matches with one another. The Middle Eastern country is very excited to play the host and welcome the teams. Every year a new emblem is revealed which becomes the new logo for the world cup. This year also, the official emblem was revealed and the unveiling of the official emblem took place at 8:22 pm, according to the local time in the host country. People were very excited and came in numbers of more than thousands to witness the revealing and projection of the emblem.

More details for you to note

The most iconic buildings of the country, namely Burj Doha, Katara cultural Village Amphitheatre, Souq Waqif and Al Zubarah Fort all of them witnessed the projection of the emblem in a synchronised manner. Not just in the host city but the emblem was displayed in a total of twenty four different cities at the same time. The other cities include London, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Mumbai, Paris and Seoul. No logo comes without a meaning. The new logo for the world cup has a very deep meaning.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup logo

The organizers of the tournament have explained the LOGO and the symbolization is astounding.  The swooping curves are seen to be represented by desert dunes which are forever undulating. The unbreakable loops on the logo are depicting the number 8 as well as the number of stadiums that will be hosting the matches in world cup. The logo also symbolizes the infinity symbol thereby pronouncing the interconnected nature of the event that will be taking place. The fifa world cup is an event which brings the countries together.

Not just these, but the emblem is going to get the tag of an even wider symbolic meaning through the key factor in everyone’s life and that is, time.  The time at which the logo was launched is the same as the date when Qatar became a country which was independent and all by itself. Till before that, Qatar and its residents had to be a part of the protectorate of Britain.

The most surprising part of all is the fact that the time thereby symbolizes how just as soon as they became an independent country they brought in a football match in the Middle East for the first time. The emblem has already been a global phenomenon with some of the world’s best and well known footballers shared the emblem on their social media accounts among their fans. This has been quite a tool for marketing under the FIFA authorities. The named footballers and their fan bases also in turn shared the emblem, making it a common symbol for everyone. Considering the theme and keeping in my mind what it portrays, this recognition of the emblem by people will bring the fans even more closely to the game.

The organisers have said that the logo was highly inspired by the traditional woollen shawls that people wear during the winter months. The event will be held in the winter months of November and December as the Middle Eastern country can get the worst heat waves during the summer months. Qatar has been planning thoroughly to welcome everyone to their country who wants to watch the world cup.

The month of May saw the inauguration of the 40,000 seat stadium, al-Janoub Stadium which was built especially for the tournament. This world athletics championship will be held in one of the eight stadiums in Qatar, where the world cup will be held. This championship will be seen as a major test that will prove the readiness of the country to host a global sports event. Qatar is definitely prepping up, with making newer transport routes already available and new tourist attractions being set up. The 2022 championship will definitely be something to look forward to for the whole world.

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