FIFA World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi surpasses Diego Maradona’s record

With ‘Don Diego’ thumping on his chest and screaming ‘Vamos, Vamos’ after Argentina’s draw against Iceland, Lionel Messi silently walked off the pitch. Obviously, there were going to be comparisons between him and Maradona. It has always been like this, to be honest. Anything that Messi has done in the national color; it is always compared with what Diego did back during his prime years too. The duo share similar football playing abilities.

Both of them have been excellent forwards who could create, score and finish off chances with insane consistency on the big stage. Maradona was an absolute magician with the ball with him, as his feet could weave the most unthinkable of magic with utmost ease. He had the mentality of a fighter, someone who would never give up even when the tides heavily turned around.

Diego was an extrovert, never afraid or shy to let people know of his intentions, actions and extravagant lifestyle. Lionel, on the other hand, is quite opposite to him from that perspective. Messi is really shy, hardly gets into arguments on the field and lets his feet do all the talking. After a disappointing start to the FIFA World Cup, after which, Argentina’s qualification to the other round looked skeptical, Messi led the team to the other round by opening the scoring against Nigeria with a finish that Maradona would be proud of.

However, there is another thing that would make the big man happier and proud of the prodigal son of his country. Against Nigeria, Messi completed and surpassed Diego’s long-term record of completing the most number of dribbles in World Cup history. Messi has completed 107 dribbles until now, while Maradona had completed 105 during his playing career. Heck, if Argentina were to play like they did yesterday, Lionel Andres Messi would ensure that he surpasses Diego’s record by a margin!

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