FIFA World Cup 2018: FIFA goes tough as Poland is fined while Croatia and Argentina are given warnings

The FIFA World Cup might continue to enthrall the fans with stupendous matches, but the disciplinary committee of FIFA is keeping a close eye and taking quick actions against teams and fans that breach the code of conduct.

In the game between Poland and Senegal which the Europeans ended up losing by a margin of 2-1, some Polish fans attracted more attention due to their display of a politically offensive banner.

The disciplinary committee has fined 10000 Swiss Francs and issued a warning to the Polish FA. This comes as a huge blow to Poland, who already are tormented due to their ouster from the tournament.

The Polish endured losses in their first two the group games first at the hands of Senegal and then Colombia.

Vigilant FIFA


In other news, the FIFA initiated proceedings and investigation against the Argentina and Croatian football associations as well. The reason given for the same is that the stadium during the game was marred with continuously avoidable fan disturbances during the match.

It was a high-intensity game where emotions ran faster than ever, the Croats’s led by the talismanic Luka Modric humiliated Argentina 3-0.

The emotions seemed to have got the better of fans who reportedly caused numerous hindrances to the proceedings of the game, and the disciplinary committee of FIFA are looking into the matter. 

Fans were seen spitting at each other whilst a fight also broke out in the aftermath of the game.

Argentina vs. Croatia..

21/06/2018. #WorldCup #ARG #CRO

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Balcan politics erupts at the World Cup


Moreover, the committee is also taking a deeper look into Serbian coach Mladen Krstajic’s comments after Serbia’s match against Switzerland.

That very encounter has also seen the likes of Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri be punished due to their offensive celebrations after scoring goals. Xhaka and Shaqiri are from Albanian descent, and celebrated by a hand gesture signifying a two headed eagle, which is the Albanian national symbol. The final announcement of their punishment is yet to be made, though.

After these instances, one thing is set to be clear. The FIFA’s disciplinary board is not to be messed with over the next twenty days.

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