Donald Trump proposes Cristiano Ronaldo as the Portuguese President

Donald Trump, as well know, is not someone who thinks a lot before speaking. The President of the United States has often been lambasted in the past for the sheer inept core of the topic that speaks on. Almost a couple of years in the office as the President, this habit of his has hardly changed, it seems.

Portugal’s Head of State, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was on an official trip to the USA. He met Donald Trump in the Oval Office, and the duo discussed the various issues surrounding both the countries. However, there was an occurrence when star player Cristiano Ronaldo became an integral part of the whole conversation.

Earlier in the conversation, Trump had hinted that he would be at Moscow to attend the finals of the FIFA World Cup. Marcelo took the opportunity and stated that Portugal have Ronaldo, who is according to him the best player in the world. He reminded Trump that Portugal might be there in the finals and the President of the USA acknowledged that Ronaldo’s team was playing extremely well. He also said that his son knows all about Ronaldo  and then asked the Portuguese President about his opinion on the Real Madrid man. Marcelo said that he was really good, Portugal has done well and actually stated that they stood a chance in winning the Championship.

After that, Trump jokingly asked whether Cristiano could compete against the current President of Portugal for the post of the Head of State. Marcelo took it lightly and shooed it off by saying that Portugal is different from the United States, to which, both the men agreed.

It was a light-hearted conversation between the two Presidents of their respective countries, but one thing is for sure now.

You just can’t keep Cristiano Ronaldo out of any conversation these days. Jeez!

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