Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing has surprised Juventus teammare Giorgio Chiellini

Juventus defender, Giorgio Chiellini has revealed that he thought a signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was ‘impossible’. The Italian was talking to the media just ahead of Ronaldo’s first training session with his new club.

“[The first time I heard about Ronaldo], I said to my friends, 'Nah, it's impossible,'. After one day, [I thought] maybe it is possible. With our manager, with our director… it's a reality. Juventus is growing. Year after year, and we need a champion like Cristiano.” Chiellini told ESPN

“We are excited. We are ready to work with him; all the parts of the club, the players, the marketing manager, the director, are ready to improve with Cristiano and we hope he can help us to achieve our target,” he added.

Ronaldo joined the Serie A champions for a €100 million fee. He has signed a 4-year contract and will be earning €30 million a season! In Italy clubs have to pay the same amount in tax, and that makes the total cost of the transfer to be around €340m (€100m transfer fee plus €240m in salary and taxes)

Meanwhile, Napoli owner, De Laurentiis has questioned Juventus’ move for Ronaldo. The Italian, who claimed that the former Real Madrid star was offered to them before his Juve move, said that the forward is ‘getting on’ and it will be difficult for the Serie A side to sustain the expenditure on him.

“Cristiano is getting on a bit now. To maintain some kind of balance, it's very dangerous for a club to spend so much money on just one player – one who is reaching the end of his career.” De Laurentiis told La Verita

“His salary is totally off the scale for Juve's means. I wonder whether it will be more of a commercial success or more of a sporting success. If you start paying crazy wages, sooner or later, it will start going against you.” added the Napoli owner.

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