Cristiano Ronaldo shocks doctors at Juventus after medical

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent medical reports have been compared to that of a 20-year-old and the results are glaring, to say the least.

His body’s fat level is just 7% and Ronaldo possesses a muscle mass of 50%. These numbers are considerably better than athletes and footballers of his age, something that also explains his tendency to stand apart from the rest.

Ronaldo ran the fastest at the World Cup, as no other player surpassed his sprint that clocked at 33.98 km/hr. Before joining Juventus, Real Madrid’s medical staff performed a series of tests on Ronaldo. They later compared the results to a 23-years-old. Their inference was that Ronaldo possessed physical abilities similar to that of a person ten years younger his age.

 However, his reports at Juventus are even more fascinating, considering the fact that Ronaldo’s exemplary physical state is equal to someone who is thirteen years his junior. These reports, and the analysis of his body structure just further redefines how the Portuguese forward has defied physical restraints in order to continue his individual dominance over European football.

Despite entering the wrong side of 30s, Ronaldo continues to break records and stages new bars of excellence with his commendable performances. He scored a staggering 44 goals last season, despite having endured a difficult beginning in the initial months. Ronaldo even finished the Champions League with 15 goals, and was one of the pioneers in Real Madrid’s third consecutive Champions League victory.

His physical athleticism was much evident when he scored an overhead kick in Turin, in the first-leg of Madrid’s quarterfinal against Juventus. Ronaldo’s fitness, endurance and consistent perseverance towards keeping himself in a good shape mean that he is able to deliver remarkable performances whenever required.

Unless the 33-years-old suffers any notable injury, one could expect him to adapt and further leave a lasting impact in the Serie A too.

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