Cristiano Ronaldo Injury: Zinedine Zidane Gives The Latest Update On The Real Madrid Star

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has dismissed any notion that Crisitiano Ronaldo will not be available for the UEFA Champions League final against Liverpool in three weeks’ time.

“We’re not worried about the final,” said Zidane recently to the media.

“He’s not great right now but I think it’s going to be a small thing – it was only a bad movement”

“I can’t say how long he’ll be out for. Tomorrow he’ll have a scan.”

How did Cristiano Ronaldo get injured?

Ronaldo had injured himself whilst scoring Real’s first goal in the recent Clasico as he stretched to meet the ball set for him by Karim Benzema. The 33-year-old finished off the opportunity but experienced discomfort upon landing as he sustained an inversion injury to his right ankle as he hit ground.

The Portuguese superstar was taken off at half-time in the recent El Clasico after injuring his ankle. This in turn led to fears about Ronaldo’s availability for the grand finale of the European season.

Many had also suggested that Ronaldo had injured himself in the build-up to the goal which he actually started by linking up with Toni Kroos. However, after looking at replay, one can say with certainty that the injury was indeed sustained during the act of scoring the goal.

There was also the suggestion that he had injured himself in the build-up to the goal; which Cristiano actually started by linking up with Toni Kroos, but after looking at replays it’s almost certain that the injury was sustained in the act of scoring itself.

Ronaldo did actually hobble back to the centre circle following the injury and started to run quite freely after having some medical attention on the sidelines. It is mainly believed that he was taken off to avoid any further risks with the Champions League final being Zidane’s main priority in the recent future.

When will he be back?

The full extent of the injury will hopefully be revealed when Ronaldo undergoes an MRI scan in the days to come. Whilst we have seen Ronaldo being quite frank about his injuries in the past, it will not at all be surprising for both the player and the club to keep all this a bit ‘hush hush’ in the days to come.

It will, however, be a surprise if takes to the field in the La Liga game against Sevilla on Wednesday night with Real’s priorities lying firmly in preparing for the Champions League final against Liverpool.

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