Cristiano Ronaldo evades jail, but pays €19 million fine for tax fraud in Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo might have moved to Italy, but the Spanish tax authorities are surely in work to decipher the effects of tax frauds committed by the Portuguese star during his time with Real Madrid.

Accordingly, the 33-years-old has been fined €19 million, and a two-year jail imprisonment. However, the jail sentence would be suspended in plea with the Spanish authorities as the Portuguese was a first-time offender.

Ronaldo had pleaded guilty on four cases of tax fraud between the years 2011 and 2014 amounting to a total of €14.8 million. The Spanish treasury had brought up charges against the Portuguese forward, and hence the tax authorities and the player’s client were waiting for the treasury’s approval regarding their settlement.

Ronaldo had committed four instances of defrauding over the span of the above said years. The managers took due notice of the situation and hence slapped a hefty fine on the superstar. The treasury had reduced Ronaldo’s defrauded amount to €5.7 million euros.

However, due to fines and  interests, the entire sum boosts up to €19 million. According to reports, Ronaldo would also have to bear legal costs for the cases.

In any scenario, the Spanish Treasury and Prosecutors are reportedly keen to tie Ronaldo down to a prison sentence. The former Manchester United man will not serve the jail term, but it would register a criminal record next to his name. This criminal record would eventually curb Ronaldo towards committing a similar chicanery next time onwards.

It is being reported that these tax evasion issues and the lack of support that the 33-years-old received from Real Madrid fueled Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus. Ronaldo’s former club refrained from standing up and taking a stand in this issue, something that left the player frustrated and eager to secure a move away from Spain.

Ronaldo would hope that this fine and the proposed jail imprisonment would bring the closure to these tax evasion accusations towards him.

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