Chelsea star hints about joining Liverpool

Chelsea might be on top of the Premier League table with five wins in as many games but the joy for the fans could be short-lived as there are reports emerging that midfielder N'Golo Kante could be on his way out and join Liverpool in the future.

Kante, who has been very instrumental for Chelsea ever since joining them, is easily one of the best defensive midfielders in the world and has already won two Premier League titles and a FIFA World Cup in the last two years.

After Chelsea's match against Cardiff City last week, Kante missed his train from London St. Pancras to Paris and to kill time until the next train, he ended up visiting a local mosque where he met some Football fans. According to one of the fans, Kante spent the evening eating curry, playing FIFA and watching himself on Match of the Day with the fans.

Twitter user @jahrul999, who is a Liverpool fan, shared a glimpse of the evening on Twitter where he mentioned about Kante talking about a move to Anfield.

He wrote, “world Cup winner, former Premier League player of the year, two-time Premiership winner casually joined us to watch MOTD after visiting a local mosque. True definition of being humble. What a man. Not to mention he ate curry loooool. Asked him to join Liverpool and he said he will think about it.”

When Daily Star contacted the user, he narrated what happened that day and also spoke about Kante admitting that Messi is on another level to anyone else.

'We met him in the mosque at 9 PM, he was so humble so we asked if he wanted to have dinner. He came round at about 10 and stayed until the end of Match of the Day. We spent the whole time talking about football and he admitted Messi is on another level to anyone else. Eventually, he gave up on going to France and just got a cab back home,' he told Daily Star.

It is pretty obvious that Kante was trying to keep the Liverpool fan happy by saying that he will think about joining the Reds. Kante has just under three years left on his contract and was in talks with Paris Saint-Germain over a possible move to Paris. Even if he decides to leave the Blues, it is very certain that the owners will not send him to their Premier League rivals.




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