Arsene Wenger: Why would any player want to leave Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has said he 'can't understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal' ahead of Alexis Sanchez's move to Manchester United.

Sanchez is heading to United in exchange for Henrikh Mkhitaryan in a deal that will reportedly make him the Premier League's highest-paid player.

Wenger said Arsenal could not match United's offer, but told reporters: 'I cannot understand anybody wanting to leave Arsenal — but in 30 years of doing transfers you learn a lot about human beings.

'As a professional, it was perhaps his last contract at the top level and an important contract.

'After that, I accept that because we accepted that we would let him go. After that, we analyse the pros and the cons.'

Wenger also acknowledged that the uncertainty surrounding the future of Sanchez had had an effect on the squad.

He said: 'There are periods when the atmosphere is less enjoyable than others. It is the lack of clarity.

'It is not losing players — teams are used to losing players. But it is fact that you have uncertainty in the group, that they don't know if he will be here or not.

'Once it is clear, the team gets used to it.'

The Gunners coped well without Sanchez on Saturday as they swept aside Crystal Palace 4-1, scoring four times in the opening 22 minutes at the Emirates.

And Wenger said: 'There is always life [after a player moves]. Arsenal Football Club is 130 years old and many big players have left.

'Will it go a bit less good? We will see, but there is always life afterwards. We have a strong squad that does not only depend on one player, that is for sure.

'Let's not forget that if Alexis Sanchez goes, somebody else will come in who has quality as well.

'It is not that we are only losing a player, we are gaining a player as well. And we are still active in the transfer market and trying to bring players in.'


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