FIFA President Hails Qatar’s Progress Towards Hosting FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA President Gianni Infantino was in Budapest recently to attend the ceremony of the International Federation of Sports Journalism Awards which is being organized in association with Qatar Sports Media Committee for the second year in a row. In the event, the FIFA President hailed Qatar’s progress towards hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. He was happy with the infrastructures in place and the way the country is feeding off football.

When asked about his opinion on preparations for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, Infantino said ” “Qatar will be the country that will be ready before any other. It will be a fantastic event, a game-changer for the world as well because people will go to Qatar and see a lot of the prejudice we have to the Arab world has no reasons to exist.”

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Infantino said that he was also happy with the way the stadiums were shaping up for the FIFA World Cup 2022. In terms of infrastructure, facility and capacity, the stadiums will be able to accumulate large number of people and work towards the common goal of making this event, the biggest ever in Qatar’s sporting history. Qatar recently hosted the FIFA Club World Cup in 2019 which was a successful event and was hosted as a test event for the 2022 mega event. The country will also host the event in 2020 as well which will be seen as another test event.

Speaking further about Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022, the FIFA President said that the country will be ready two years before hosting the tournament, which will be a record in itself. No other nation which hosted the FIFA World Cup previously was ready so early before the main event.

“I am confident that it will be an amazing event, as it will constitute a change in the rules of the game and the people who will visit Qatar and will notice well that we are not biased in granting them the right to host, and everyone’s perception of the region and the Arab countries will change. “We Europeans, for example, sometimes judge some matters before we see them”, he said.

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The FIFA President also highlighted on the growing issue of racism in the sport and said that something like that will not be tolerated in the FIFA World Cup 2022 . “A referee can interrupt the match if there is a racist incident, they should do it. If this continues, match will be abandoned, and the team you are supporting will lose the match. This is only starting in a few countries. If they don’t intervene, FIFA will,” he clarified.

Infantino also kept a word on bringing forward and supporting women’s football. In the process, he also urged the football fans to stand against gender discrimination in the sport.

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“I would like to create a Clubs’ World Cup for women and to increase the number of teams in competitions and for this we need to invest. We need to invest, we decided to invest 1 billion dollars for the next years in women’s football, I proposed to have a World Cup every two years” Infantino said.

He concluded by saying that he would like more teams to bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

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