Explore the highlights and lowlights of WWE RAW

Explore the highlight

Explore the highlights and lowlights of WWE RAW

WWE RAW: Best and Worst Moments – Absent Star’s Title Match Scrapped, Top Name to Turn Heel After 45 Months?

WWE RAW this week brought a mix of slow-moving storylines and exciting developments. Former world champions hinted at heel turns, and the conclusion of The Judgment Day’s pursuit of Jey Uso was revealed. Let’s dive into the best and worst moments from the show, featuring Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and more!

Best: Seth Rollins is Losing It

The ongoing story of Seth Rollins’ back issues has been one of the most intriguing aspects of WWE RAW. Shinsuke Nakamura is not only breaking him down physically but also mentally. While Nakamura is yet to accept The Visionary’s challenge for a rematch, Rollins is slowly losing his composure. The pain he’s enduring adds complexity to his character, setting up a compelling angle in the coming months. The big question remains: who will be the catalyst for Rollins’ complete breakdown?

Worst: Chad Gable is Beaten

Chad Gable’s recent push on WWE RAW seemed like a setup for Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship record-breaking match. Gable faced Bronson Reed in a solid match but lost cleanly. This could signal a downturn for Gable’s momentum, which is disappointing considering the potential for an underdog story and a championship win in the future.

Best: Jey Makes His Decision

In the main event of WWE RAW, Jey Uso faced Drew McIntyre in a thrilling match. It was hard-hitting and intense, with both wrestlers giving their all. The Judgment Day’s encouragement led to a superkick from Jey and ultimately a victory for McIntyre after delivering the Claymore kick. While putting Jey in WWE RAW’s hottest stable might have been tempting, it’s wise to keep him as a full-blown babyface as his redemption arc continues.

Worst: Newer Stars Need the Spotlight

Natalya’s recent performances have been excellent, earning her an NXT Women’s Title match against Becky Lynch. However, Lynch’s first open challenge on WWE RAW could have been an opportunity to showcase a younger star. Tegan Nox was initially planned to face Lynch for the title, but Natalya replaced her. Giving a rising star the chance to answer Lynch’s challenge could have been a fresh and exciting direction for the NXT Women’s Championship storyline.

Best: Who Is WWE RAW’s Next Big Heel?

The central storyline involving Jey Uso on WWE RAW has kept fans on edge. Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes have forgiven Jey, while Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre remain skeptical. McIntyre’s refusal to help Jey Uso during The Judgment Day’s assault hints at a potential heel turn. McIntyre may target Cody Rhodes or engage in a feud with Jey Uso, both of which could lead to intriguing storylines. WWE RAW’s next big heel is a mystery, and the possibilities are enticing.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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