Vancouver Titans announce branding and their Season 2 roster

The Vancouver Overwatch League franchise is owned by the Aquilini Group. The Aquilini Group is a very diverse family business with deep roots in sports. They own the Vancouver Cancucks as well as the Rodjer’s Arena. The venue was host to The International 2018, the biggest esports event in history [ in terms of prize pool ]. Their entry into Overwatch League is not a huge surprise as the group has expressed interest in esports as a whole. 

‘Vancouver Titans’ is the official name of this franchise. We also have their official logo and colours from their press release. Accordingly, they will be using a Blue and Green colour scheme which reflects the region’s prosperity and the clear blue skies.

We are thrilled to officially launch the Titans today and to bring a premier global esports team to Vancouver. In choosing our identity we wanted to introduce a team that would resonate with fans in the Pacific Northwest. With a local feel and an experienced, skilled team, we are ready and can’t wait to have the Titans compete at the highest level in esports.

Francesco Aquilini

This is the official description of the logo and the reason behind the colours. There is obviously a lot of thought process that goes into the deciding of the colours and the way they are represented by the logo.

The Titans logo features a Sasquatch, a folklore figure synonymous with the Pacific Northwest, with the monogram of a ‘V’ in the nose for Vancouver, and a mountain range on the top of its head. The team name of the Titans is indicative of the traits associated with the Sasquatch–a powerful, imposing, and mythical being.

Vancouver Titans sign Runaway Roster

It is now public knowledge that it is indeed the Vancouver Titans which have added the Runaway players. This Runaway roster is one of the most successful teams in Overwatch Contenders. With most of the best players in Overwatch League mostly under contract, this is actually a rare find for the Titans. The fact that they were able to sign the entire roster together is what makes this team extremely dangerous and effective. They will have very little problems in communication and they already have great synergy as displayed from their various Contenders matches.

The Vancouver Titans roser

  • Kim “Haksal” Hyo-jong – DPS
    • Lee “Stitch” Choong-hui – DPS
    • Lee “Hooreg” Dong-eun – DPS
    • Choi “JJANU” Hyeon-woon – Flex
    • Seo “SeoMinSoo” Min-soo – Flex
    • Lee “Twilight” Ju-seok – Support
    • Kim “SLIME” Sung-jun – Support
    • Park “Bumper” Sang-beom – Tank/Support

In addition to the Runawa roster the team also has added Element Mystic support Kim “Rapel” Jung-geun. They have also added Hwang “paJion” Ji-Sub, the former coach of Fusion University of Overwatch Contenders to their team.  Former San Francisco Shock analyst Harsha “Harsha” Bandi also joins the team as an analyst. With Kwon “Yang1” Yang-won, who coached RunAway to the Contenders Season 2 Korea championship joining this lineup, there is going to be no lack of synergy on the team.

The Aquilini group has partnered with luminosity Gaming to help it manage its esports team. The Titans will compete in Season 2 of Overwatch League starting from February 14, 2019.

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