Two new team names announced for the Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is expanding to include eight new teams for Season 2. This brings the total number of Season 2 teams to twenty. The eight new teams are spread throughout the globe with teams from USA, Canada, Europe as well as several teams from China.

In the last twenty-four hours, we have had multiple announcements with the new teams’ logos and names. The Paris and Guangzhou franchises have revealed their team logos, names and branding. We expect more news very soon from the Overwatch League especially when it comes to several of the new franchises.

The Paris Eternal

DM Esports owned Paris Franchise will go by the name of Paris Eternal. The franchise colours are reminiscent of the French flag with its blue, red and white colours. There are also a few hints of gold in the colours. The logo itself is similar to the rooster which is a symbol of the French revolution. It is also the national emblem of France.

The name Eternal is possibly a reference to the ‘Eternal Flame’  at the Arc de Triomphe, a world-renowned location. It puts forth the idea of longevity and constant support from the city. It is a good name, one that hopefully the Paris fans would like.

We are thrilled to reveal the Paris Eternal brand to Overwatch fans in France, throughout Europe, and around the globe.

Drew McCourt, Owner of DM-Esports

The DM Esports is a global company focused on esports entertainment and investments will operate the team in Paris, France.

The Guangzhou Charge

Another team that has announced details of its team and logo is the Guangzhou Franchise. Owned by Nenking Group, the Guangzhou Charge is the first team from China to reveal details of their logo and name.

We want to build an international organization and fanbase, so the goal for our team brand was to create a symbol for Guangzhou that people from all of the world can instantly recognize. We took inspiration from iconic sports logos where simple letters have grown to represent an entire city. We have a large home region that stretches from the coast to the mountains, and we drew inspiration from dark blue waters, light blue skies, and lush green hills for our team colours. We’re so excited to unveil these elements to our fans, and it’s now our job to build this team brand into something that everyone in our region can be proud of.

Chris Hwang, the team’s Marketing and Creative Director.

He explains the reasons behind the team colours for the Guangzhou Charge. Their colour is a different shade of Blue and rightfully so, they have drawn inspiration from the Coast to the mountains as well as dark blue waters. They want to build their team into an iconic organisation, one with a huge fan following.

The Overwatch League Season 2 commences on February 14, 2019. It will see a total of twenty teams competing against each other. All the matches will be live on Twitch.

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