Evil Genius win over Team NIP; secure Top 3 placement at Kuala Lumpur Major

The Ninjas in Pyjamas may be a new team in the Dota Pro Circuit but they have definitely sparked up a lot of interest. The Peter Dager led team has shown us excellent coordination and synergy. They have had some really weird drafts, some worked while some did not. The Drow Ranger strategy has been a disaster for the team so far at the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Struggling to survive in the Lower Bracket, NIP was up against Team Evil Geniuses. The first game saw PPD pick the Morphling in response to Arteezy’s Terrorblade. In addition to this Saksa’s Rubick played a critical role in enabling the Ninjas on multiple accounts. With Lion and Tiny on the EG side, Saksa had a lot of disables to spell steal from them. His ability to control Terrorblade and lock him down was the reason for providing free reign to the Ace’s Morphling. The game was a very long one lasting more than 65 minutes. However, as the game went longer, Ace only got more items and farm. With Fata’s Monkey King also being the second core on the team, there was little that Terrorblade could do against their lineup.

Game 2 – Evil Genius strikes back

The second game saw Evil Genius pick up the Terrorblade once again. Their belief in Arteezy’s Terrorblade was well-placed as the player had an 866 GPM on the hero. His ability to flash farm multiple neutral camps at one time. Terrorblade’s ability to farm so fast despite losing the laning phase is what makes him one of the strongest heroes in the current patch. We definitely expect him to get a Nerf in 7.20 especially following this splendid performance, PPD decided to pick the Drow in this game to counter Terrorblade, but Drow could never match up to Arteezy’s Terrorblade in net worth. Drow Ranger is a very single target hero and is more of a pusher rather than a farming hero and the lack of items is something very troubling for PPD.

Arteezy had a free farm on his hero and he was able to tear down towers on the Ninjas side. There was little to stop him as Drow Ranger simply did not deal enough damage to Arteezy. Eventually Evil Genius was able to win the game with relative ease.

Game 3 – Drow versus Terrorblade once again

The third game saw both captains stick to their core heroes once more. Drow Ranger and Terrorblade on both sides of the map once more ensured that the game was almost a replica of Game 2.

This game was quite different, however, as Arteezy was able to free farm once more. However, that being said, Arteezy was the only player that was able to get any sort of farm on the Evil Genius side. The net worth spread on the Ninjas side was much more even. However, Arteezy’s free farm saw him become double the net worth to the next hero in the game. The rest of the team picked up important items to further enhance Terrorblade’s damage.

With this victory, Evil Genius is now in the Top three at the Kuala Lumpur Major. Their performance definitely puts hopes in the North American fans as they attempt to possibly win their first Major for season 2.


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