Valve disqualifies Zeus Gaming from the South East Asian Open qualifiers

The current DPC season has only five Dota 2 Majors and Minors at any given point in time. As such the importance of each Major has definitely increased many times. The prize pool involved in a Dota 2 Minor and the accompanying DPC points is a huge incentive for any team. The winner of the Dota 2 Minor also gets an invitation to the upcoming Major. In one such case, we have a Chinese team with the name Zeus Gaming attempting to qualify via the SEA region in the open qualifiers. The Chinese region is more competitive and has a larger talent pool than South East Asia. As such Zeus Gaming obviously thought it would be better for them to qualify via South East Asia. \

Zeus Gaming was participating in the Open Qualifiers for the Bucharest Minor. They reached the Round of Eight before receiving a ban from Valve.

Valve disqualifies Zeus Gaming

When the issue made it to social media, Valve was quick in taking action. However, the team had already reached the semifinals and robbed an opportunity from other teams. Zeus Gaming is a Chinese roster and one of their players plays only on the Chinese server.

With Zeus Gaming out of the qualifier, it will now be a Best of Three-match series between WG.Unity and 4SGK to determine the team that moves to the SEA Closed qualifiers.

Bucharest Minor


The Distribution of team invites for the upcoming Bucharest Minor

The Bucharest Minor takes place from 9th January till the 13th of January. The Closed qualifiers for the event are already underway in multiple regions. The Minor will have a prize pool of $300,000 and feature eight Dota 2 teams. The winner of the Bucharest Minor will get a spot at the upcoming Chongqing Major.

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