Team Liquid’s Stewie2k-Truly the greatest in North American CSGO

Team Liquid's Stewie2k

In numerous ways we can underrate a player, starting from their technical skills to their tactical strategies. They may also be judged by their impact in-game as well. However, sometimes classifying them becomes extremely difficult and that is exactly how it happens with Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip, the entry-fragger and catalyst for Team Liquid. Who is also one of the most significant CSGO players in the history of North American e-sports. The next half of 2019 is likely to be positive in a bigger way for someone who is already ruling in his own domain.

It may seem very foolish to take into consideration the talent of Team Liquid apart from Stewie, or the extreme adaptable power and skill his former mate has portrayed directly after being burdened with the responsibility of carrying Cloud9, but Yip is by far the best player in NA CSGO. This is not based on the mechanical skills that he possesses in abundance, and intelligence, but for the Ronaldo kind of capability to make an influence on the games and turn things to his favour that helps his team to win, which is the one great player should have in such games.

There are players in a generation who seem to be the true flag bearers in a game. They are extremely talented and better than the rest when the day is on their favour, but most of them show it seldom on given occasions. Jason Williams in the NBA and Man City legend Georgi Kinkladze is competitors who would do anything on the court but then struggle to make them the reason for victory. But yes, in the case of Williams, he grasped over time and won, but Stew required no such lessons.

Righ after he joined Cloud9, he seemed to be at the peak of victory, and he was the crucial factor in the win of Boston Major as well. He led a talented team of players far beyond their capacity and right in the history books. It is not a surprise that the likes of Skadoodle and Rush looked at their best in that side, given to the influence Stewie has both mental and actual on his teammates, giving them the scope for them to play and guiding them with the instructions that they need to acquire victory.

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