Team Liquid Becomes First Ever to Attain #1 Rank in North America CSGO

Team Liquid Becomes First Ever to Attain

Global Offensive squad is the first team in the history of North America to rank number one in the world by HLTV. Liquid has managed to acquire the top ranking after their victory in the Dreamhack Masters in Dallas, Texas last week.

Liquid has acquired the first position in the Intel extreme Masters XIV in Sydney Australia. It has also acquired the second position in the CS Summit for and two blast Pro series events that has helped them to reach the number 1 rank globally.

It was not easy to win the top position in the world for team liquid but it has always been their goal as their General Manager Steve Perino has stated. He has admitted that it was a great help with the experience he gathered to have been managing other teams like League of Legends team that compete in league championship series in Riot.

While Liquid managed to earn the top ranking, there is a dark cloud that surrounds the top spot in the previous number one team of the world as the Astralis have remained idle mostly in the last 3 months. The Danes have just participated in two events both Blast Series in the last two months standing 5th in Miami and second in Madrid. Some feel that the victory of team liquid is because of the prolonged absence from team Astralis. Many times in Counter-Strike ecosystem, the shift in the ranking is not always due to a head to head match but it is the way the ranking system of HLTV works that earn the team points by the number of tournaments they attend and how they place in those particular tournaments.

Richard Lewis e- Sports journalist has stated that if a team is not active and not defending their spot then there is nothing to be done. Team Liquid was out there being placed well in the tournaments constantly and it is not their fault that Astralis have been little interested in the competition at the real tournaments recently. Liquid has come a long way to be finally holding the first position for North America in CS: GO. Making to the top position is not always necessarily in decisive fashion. Keith Markovic wants to retain the number one position for a long time and he feels that it is the actual mission. Their General Manager also feels the same and he has also stated that for the players and organisation, it is a big milestone but the next step is to strengthen the era of Liquid.

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