Which is the Best Place to Play 2021 IPL Fantasy Cricket?

In 2018, ICC conducted one of the largest sports market research, and it revealed that India constitutes ninety percent of the one billion global cricket fans. Arguably, the number has only increased over the years, and fantasy cricket has taken full advantage of the ever-growing love for the game. Gaming and cricket enthusiasts are equally interested in dipping their toes into the world of fantasy cricket. The pandemic-induced lockdowns and inability of cricket lovers to watch matches in the stadiums have pushed the number of downloads of fantasy cricket apps.

For the uninitiated, the fantasy cricket game creates an equally thrilling and exciting virtual environment as the one in the cricket stadiums. Players even get the opportunity to create their fantasy cricket teams by choosing out of twenty-five real cricket players. As the chosen player scores on the ground, the players score on the app.

What’s more, the only way to stay on top of the score leaderboard is by following the actual game and studying the pitch conditions, keeping up with the squad changes and replacements, and so on. So, if you already know the rules of cricket and cannot wait to support your team virtually, here is a list of the best places to play the ongoing IPL fantasy cricket and prepare for the ICC Men’s World Cup.

  1. MPL

MPL or Mobile Premier League is a Bangalore-based gaming platform offering fantasy cricket and other 60+ games. Trusted by more than four crore gamers, MPL is one of the best fantasy cricket apps. It provides a simple and intuitive gaming interface, which is easy to understand. Whether you are new to the world of fantasy cricket or an experienced player, the gaming platform offers equal opportunities to everyone. All you need to do is download the fantasy cricket application and create your squad. It would help if you stay alert of all the upcoming matches and cricket tournaments and find out about the performances of the cricket players. As your chosen players perform on the ground, you get points on the fantasy cricket app. So, if you were looking for the best place to play IPL 2021 virtually, play fantasy cricket on MPL. Other than cricket, you can also play fantasy football, fantasy baseball, and other exciting games.

2. Jeet11

Jeet11 is one of the fastest-growing fantasy cricket applications that engage players by testing their cricket knowledge and strategic skills. The app is a part of share chat and offers amazingly simple gameplay to help players of varied skill levels get their appropriate matchup. However, the app has one drawback – you might find yourself logged out automatically a couple of times throughout the day. Other than this, the app offers great opportunities to stay engaged, such as cricket quizzes on the app.

3. MyBat11

Compared to other names on the list, MyBat11 is a fairly new entrant into the fantasy cricket world. The website offers players opportunities to test their cricket knowledge and hone their cricketing skills. Since the website is new, the competition is low, and they’re still improving the website. You can check out the website for playing IPL fantasy cricket 2021.

4. 11Caps

A flagship brand of Contablue Enterprise, 11Caps is an up-and-coming fantasy sports management platform. The platform operates intending to engage cricket lovers and help them get the most out of the game of cricket. You can visit this platform to play IPL 14.

5. Twelfth Man

Twelfth Man was launched in 2020 as India’s first fantasy football platform. After cricket, football is the most sought-after and loved sport in the country. So, if you are looking for a platform where you can play IPL and football, you may want to check out Twelfth Man.

Tips for playing IPL fantasy cricket 2021

  1. Select the fantasy cricket platform and download the application. You need to go to the official website of the platforms mentioned above and download the mobile app of fantasy cricket.
  2. Next, you need to create your account after installing the app.
  3. Once your account is created, you have to set it up by entering all the relevant details like date of birth, email address, password, etc.
  4. Now your account is set up, and the next step is to check the ongoing or upcoming IPL matches. You can select any match of your choice from the list of scheduled matches.
  5. The next step is exciting – you need to create your virtual cricket team. Even though the team is virtual, the players are chosen from a list of twenty-five actual cricket players who are playing in IPL 2021. When you are creating your team, ensure to select batsmen, wicket-keeper, bowlers, and all-rounders. Before finalizing, check the performance of the player and stay updated with the recent news.
  6. Choosing the Vice-captain and Captain for your fantasy cricket team is a huge responsibility. The Vice-captain will fetch you 1.5x points, and the Captain carries 2x points. So, if you carefully choose these two players, it can make a huge difference to your overall score at the end of the match.
  7. Don’t stop at creating one fantasy cricket team for an IPL match. Most fantasy sports platforms allow you to create multiple teams for the same match. Leverage this to your advantage and create more than one team with a combination of players to increase your chances of scoring the highest.
  8. You don’t have to stick to the team you’ve chosen. If you’re unsure of your virtual cricket team, you can edit the players. But player changes are only allowed before the deadline of the match.

So, are you ready to take part in IPL 2021 virtually? The matches are already underway, and therefore, don’t waste any more time but download a fantasy cricket app and start playing.

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