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Top 5 players with Most ODI Runs as Captain

Top 5 players with most ODI runs as captain : Who Scored Most Runs in ODI as a captain

Often referred to as a skipper, the captain of a cricket team cannot skip responsibilities. Besides being responsible for the formation on the team – the batting order, bowling order, fielding positions – the captain is also responsible for maintaining the harmony of the team and communications between team members and coaches. And these are not all. The captain also has a prominent say in team selection and choosing what to do after winning a toss – and a lot does depend on this decision.

Captains with most ODI runs

A lot depends upon the captain of the team and none of those decisions are light. Though glamorous, the job of the skipper is also extended to being a role model for the team and the nation’s pride. Be it by being an all-rounder extraordinaire or being tagged as the greatest batsmen of all time, a lot of burden is placed on the shoulders of the captain and most of these deserving men have fulfilled their duty to this captainship with gusto and set new records and one of those record is being the batsman with the most runs in an ODI. And if you are the captain setting the record, even better.

List of 5 players with most runs as captain in ODI

  • At number 5 with a score of 5414 stands South Africa’s charming skipper Graeme Smith. Having a high score of 141 against England in 2009 ODI he became one of the most successful captains of all time in his country and has led his team for 8 years. Amongst his runs he has 8 centuries and 37 half centuries under his belt.
  • Sri Lanka’s Arjuna Ranatunga comes 4th with a score of 5608 runs over 193 matches. Being the skipper for Sri Lankan cricket team for 11 years, Ranatunga was and still regarded as one of the most aggressive and attacking batsman leading his team to their first ever World Cup victory in the year 1996. He has 37 half centuries and 4 centuries to his credit in his long captaincy term.
  • Stephen Fleming is at number 3 with 6295 runs. This dashing New Zealand skipper is the second most capped skipper of all time. With an average of 32.79, Flemming has played 208 matches and has struck 7 centuries and 38 half centuries. Under his captainship the Kiwis played the 2009 World Cup finals.
  • With 6641 runs India’s Mahi landed the 2nd M.S Dhoni has undoubtedly proven to be the second best skipper for the Indian team (after Kapil Dev) and the most successful ODI captain of all time. With an average of 53.56 – that is third best after Kohli and De Villers – he has let India to the 2011 World Cup victory.
  • 22 centuries, 51 half centuries and a whopping 8497 in 220 innings, the number 1 skipper is equally loved and despised for his aggressive stance. It is none other than Aussie’s Punter – Ricky Ponting. Being the captain for the Australian team during their golden years, Ponting helped the team get the 2009 Champions Trophy.

Fun Facts Related to Most Runs in ODI as Captain

  • While the list above mentions the most runs made by the skipper, It is Indian Captain Virat Kohli who has an amazing average of 80 with 21 centuries to his name. He has scored 4800 runs in just 80 matches. Maybe next time we will call him the greatest batsman of all time as he dethrones Ponting.
  • If we take top 10 captains then 4 out of these 10 are Indian. For people who still wonder why Indians are crazy for cricket, here is the answer. Our boys have time and again proven than though the game was picked up during our worst phase in history, we have taken it up and got better at it. Be it Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly or our God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar, India has proven time and again that cricket is their domain now.

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