Coronavirus Outbreak: Sri Lanka board to provide monetary relief to country’s cricketing community

The Sri Lanka Cricket Executive Committee took a decision to grant its member clubs (ones, which maintain cricket grounds) a sum of LKR 100,000 each for the months of March and April to help upkeep the standards of the venues and infrastructure facilities.

They will be giving the District Cricket Associations a grant of LKR 150,000 to help uplift the livelihood of players from district squads as well as managerial staff who are facing financial strains due to the situation. Eleven member clubs and 26 District Cricket Association are slated to receive financial aid from the board.
Sri Lanka Cricket has also decided to provide a monetary advance of LKR 780,000 to the Umpires Association of Sri Lanka.

As per a report in the Sunday Observer, the Sri Lanka Cricket Scorers Association (SLCSA) too has requested financial assistance from for 16 full-time scorers who are now out of work due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile a dozen Pakistani first-class players and three tennis players too are stuck in Sri Lanka due to the suspension of international flights because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: FirstPost

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