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Onyx claims credit for Michael Jordan’s bald look


Onyx claims credit for Michael Jordan’s bald look

In the world of hip-hop, controversies and outlandish claims are nothing new. From feuds between artists to extravagant boasts about wealth and success, the genre has seen its fair share of drama. However, when it comes to claiming credit for something as iconic as Michael Jordan’s bald look, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

In this case, it was Fredro Starr from the hip-hop group Onyx who took the bold step of suggesting that Onyx played a significant role in inspiring Michael Jordan to embrace his now-famous bald head. The audacious claim was made during an interview with Shawn Prez of Vlad TV in March. According to Starr, “Michael Jordan cut his hair because of us. Michael Jordan cut his hair bald because of Onyx. Do the knowledge, n*gga.”

For those unfamiliar with Onyx, they were a rap group formed in 1988, known for their energetic and aggressive style. The group consisted of four members, including Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Big DS, and Sonny Seeza. While they had been making music since the late ’80s, they didn’t achieve mainstream success until the early ’90s when they released their debut studio album titled “Bacdafucup” in 1993.

Now, let’s examine the audacity of Starr’s claim. Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player, started shaving his head long before Onyx burst onto the scene. Jordan’s decision to embrace the bald look was primarily due to his receding hairline, which became apparent in the late 1980s. By 1988, the same year he won his first NBA MVP trophy, Jordan had already begun shaving his head. While he may have sported some stubble in the early ’90s, he was essentially bald by 1988.

The timing simply doesn’t add up for Onyx to claim credit for inspiring Jordan’s iconic look. By the time they entered the music scene in the early ’90s, Jordan’s bald appearance was already well-established. It’s worth noting that Jordan’s choice to go bald had more to do with genetics and personal preference than any external influence, let alone a hip-hop group.

One could argue that if there were any connection between Onyx and Jordan’s bald look, it would have had to occur long before Onyx gained fame. However, this is where geography comes into play. Onyx was formed in New York City, while Michael Jordan was already residing in Chicago by 1988 when he began shaving his head. The geographical separation makes it highly unlikely that there was any direct influence or interaction between the two parties during that time.

In response to Fredro Starr’s claims, American rapper 50 Cent couldn’t help but express his disbelief. In an Instagram post, 50 Cent shared a video mocking Starr’s statements and simply wrote, “I’m not gonna say anything because I don’t have to. LOL🤦‍♂️SMH 🤷🏽‍♂️WTF is wrong with these guys?” Clearly, 50 Cent found the notion that Onyx inspired Jordan’s iconic bald look to be quite absurd.

In the end, while hip-hop thrives on bold claims and self-confidence, some assertions are just too far-fetched to be taken seriously. The idea that Onyx played a role in Michael Jordan’s decision to go bald is undoubtedly one of those claims, and history firmly places the credit for Jordan’s iconic look on his own genetics and choices, rather than any influence from the hip-hop world.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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