How Kyrie Irving is Helping Save the Many Food Joints in New York Affected by Coronavirus Outbreak

And here the pandemic takes a toll on our food industry. Declining sales and low earnings have impacted several businesses. Brooklyn Nets point guard, Kyrie Irving, has started an initiative alongside star chef Joseph Johnson, called ‘Help our neighborhood restaurants’ (HONor). The duo aims to protecting the businesses of several local restaurants based in New York, while feeding the hungry.

Joseph Johnson, Irving’s partner for this initiative. He works at the ‘Henry at Life Hotel’ in Midtown Manhattan. Also, he has founded the ‘Fieldtrip’ restaurant. Also known as “Chef JJ Johnson”, he was awarded the extremely fancied ‘James Beard Award’ in 2019.

The HONoR Initiative

The hONoR highlights great individual restaurants every week from across the five NY boroughs. The partnered restaurants are functional for delivery and takeout, even during the pandemic. Moreover, they cater to the needy by providing free meals to them. Whenever you buy a meal, you feed a needy person.

‘Beyond Meat‘ is a plant-based meat substitute producer in Los Angeles that has partnered with HONoR. The company manufactures various protein-based food products. They will deliver one burger to the ‘Food Bank for NYC’ every time a customer orders from any of the ‘HONoR Roll’ restaurants.

The coronavirus hiatus has definitely hit everyone drastically, and such initiatives are a necessity at this crucial stage. HONoR aims at re-surging struggling businesses, connecting the New Yorkers with their authentic taste and protecting the jobs of many.

Kyrie Irving is doing his bit

The 28-year-old six-time NBA All-star was acknowledged for being a part of such a wholesome move in times of crisis. ‘Beyond Meat’ is a reliable food joint for the New Yorkers and it gives HONoR an advantage over others. Also, Forbes has mentioned HONoR on their Instagram page as a step forward for NYC restaurants.

Kyrie Irving is doing his bit off the court. We need more of such thoughtful initiatives at this time. Imagine those in need of food. They will be relieved to be the customers of HONoR. Businesses are going under losses after the shutdown, and they will also find their market again.

“Buy a meal and offer one.”

Source: Essentially Sports

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