Arteta Arsenal Analysis : Fulham Frustration


Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta expressed his disappointment in a post-match press conference following the team’s 2-1 loss to Fulham. Arteta emphasized the need for self-reflection and improvement after dropping points in a game they had the opportunity to lead the Premier League table.

Reflecting on the team’s performance, Arteta described it as “painful.” Despite showing consistency in previous matches, Arsenal failed to meet the required standards against Fulham, missing the chance to secure the top spot in the league.

Arteta identified key issues contributing to the defeat, citing poor ball possession, lack of rhythm, purpose, and defensive shortcomings. He highlighted the team’s struggles to control the ball, resulting in easy opportunities for Fulham to exploit and score goals, similar to their previous match against West Ham.

Regarding substitutions made in the 67th minute, Arteta acknowledged that they did not have the desired impact on changing the result. The team failed to reach the desired performance levels throughout the game, leading to frustration for the manager.

When questioned about potential reasons for the defeat, Arteta dismissed fatigue and attributed the loss to inefficiency. He pointed out the team’s lack of ball speed, movement, and threat, leading to a high number of turnovers. The manager emphasized the importance of consistent momentum and expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s inability to establish control in the final third.

Addressing the team’s drop of 11 points in December, Arteta recognized that setbacks are inevitable in the Premier League. He highlighted the team’s strong performances in previous matches, emphasizing the need to find a balance and learn from the disappointing performance against Fulham.

Looking ahead, Arteta acknowledged the necessity for a reset, particularly after such a disappointing result. He emphasized the unique disappointment of losing a game that could have positioned them at the top of the league to end the year. The manager stressed the importance of self-reflection and finding the right balance to avoid repeating such performances.

When asked about Oleksandr Zinchenko’s fitness, Arteta mentioned that the player felt discomfort in his calf and will undergo a scan to determine the extent of his injury.

Arteta expressed greater concern about the team’s performance against Fulham compared to their previous match against West Ham. While acknowledging that the team wanted to respond positively, the manager admitted that they fell short of expectations, leading to disappointment among the players and coaching staff.

In response to whether any changes are needed in the team, Arteta emphasized the imperative to improve. He expressed confidence in the squad’s quality but stressed the need for continuous improvement to compete at the highest level.

In conclusion, Arteta conveyed the disappointment within the team, emphasizing the need for self-reflection and improvement after a lackluster performance against Fulham. The manager acknowledged the unique nature of the disappointment, given the missed opportunity to finish the year at the top of the league. As Arsenal looks ahead, Arteta remains focused on instilling a mindset of continuous improvement among the players to achieve their goals in the remaining league games.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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