Ageless Lewandowski: Brilliance at 35


Robert Lewandowski’s recent performance for Barcelona against Celta de Vigo in LaLiga has once again silenced the critics who doubted his abilities at 35 years old. Despite facing skepticism about his age and declining form, Lewandowski demonstrated his enduring quality with a standout moment that epitomized his skill and experience.

In the face of doubters who claimed he was past his prime, Lewandowski has consistently defied expectations. Despite a slightly underwhelming season statistically, with 15 goals in 32 games, he has remained a formidable presence on the pitch. Critics pointed to missed opportunities and a deviation from his expected goals (xG) as evidence of his supposed decline. However, Lewandowski’s impact extends far beyond mere statistics.

Lewandowski’s journey at Barcelona has been a testament to his resilience and adaptability. Joining the club amidst a period of transition and rebuilding, he quickly established himself as a vital component of the team. In his debut season, he notched an impressive 33 goals in 46 games, securing the league’s Golden Boot award. Despite the challenges of adjusting to a new country and league, Lewandowski’s determination and work ethic propelled him to success.

The pivotal moment in the recent match against Celta de Vigo encapsulated Lewandowski’s enduring brilliance. The play began with a promising pass from 16-year-old sensation Lamine Yamal, who displayed maturity beyond his years with his confidence and precision on the ball. As Yamal received the ball on the right wing, he drew the attention of multiple Celta Vigo defenders, creating space in the inside left channel.

What followed was a masterclass in finishing from Lewandowski. While most players would have opted for a standard reception of the pass, Lewandowski showcased his exceptional technique by using the outside of his boot to cushion the ball. This unexpected touch caught Celta’s defense off guard, allowing Lewandowski to swiftly maneuver into position for a strike on goal. With a powerful and precise shot, he found the back of the net, breaking through Celta’s stubborn defense.

The significance of Lewandowski’s performance extends beyond this singular moment of brilliance. With his 49th goal for Barcelona, he not only demonstrated his scoring prowess but also silenced his critics who had questioned his ability to deliver on the big stage. Moreover, his subsequent retaken penalty in the 97th minute, securing a 2-1 victory for Barcelona, further solidified his status as a match-winner.

In addition to his on-field contributions, Lewandowski’s milestone of 50 goals for Barcelona highlights his place among the club’s all-time top scorers. Surpassing iconic names such as Thierry Henry and David Villa, Lewandowski’s achievement is a testament to his enduring legacy in the sport.

Ultimately, Lewandowski’s performance against Celta de Vigo serves as a reminder of his unmatched skill, resilience, and determination. Despite facing criticism and doubts about his age, he continues to defy expectations and prove himself as one of football’s greatest talents. As he surpasses milestones and continues to make his mark on the pitch, Lewandowski’s legacy will endure as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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