Adelaide Innovate T20 World Cup Pitches in New York


Adelaide Oval’s Head Groundsman, Damien Hough, has described the drop-in pitches for the Men’s T20 World Cup at Eisenhower Park in New York as a groundbreaking achievement. These unique pitches, a world-first in their preparation, have been created by Hough and his team at Adelaide Oval Turf Solutions. Six out of the ten trays were built in Adelaide, modularized for easy shipping worldwide. The trays were transported to Florida and assembled before being sent to the new venue in New York. Hough outlined the complex process, emphasizing the logistical challenges involved.

“We made them modular. We’re really proud of them. We’ve got a couple out of the back that will probably come out here [on Adelaide Oval] next year,” said Hough. The trays were packed into shipping containers and sent to Florida, where Hough spent a month assembling them, adding soil, compacting, and laying the grass. The grow-in phase is being assisted by a company called LandTek in Florida, with further strategic trips planned in the next six months to ensure optimal pitch conditions. The trays will then be transported from Florida to New York, a process that takes two days, for placement and final preparation.

The pop-up stadium in New York, with a seating capacity of 34,000, will host four T20 World Cup games, including a highly anticipated match between Pakistan and India. Additionally, six pitches will be allocated to the warm-up venue, accommodating various teams for training and practice sessions. Hough highlighted the significance of the event, expressing excitement at being part of a historic moment with the T20 World Cup being held in America for the first time.

Despite his involvement in preparing the pitches for the T20 World Cup, Hough has also managed his responsibilities for the Adelaide Oval Test match between Australia and West Indies, along with preparing pitches for Adelaide’s Big Bash League (BBL) matches. He mentioned the likelihood of a single warm-up game at Eisenhower Park before the World Cup officially begins in early June.

In summary, the innovative drop-in pitches for the T20 World Cup in New York, created by Adelaide Oval Turf Solutions, represent a groundbreaking achievement in pitch preparation. The modular trays, built in Adelaide and shipped to various locations for assembly and conditioning, mark a significant advancement in pitch technology. The process involves intricate logistics, with Hough and his team overseeing every step to ensure the success of this historic venture. The T20 World Cup in America holds special significance, and Hough is thrilled to contribute to this unprecedented event.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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