A Perfect Guide to Choose The Right Hockey Equipment

A hockey player needs the proper hockey equipment to win the match, like a knight needs his strong armor and sword to win the battle. Being safe on the ice while playing the game should be the priority of a hockey player. That’s why a hockey player needs to have his/her trustworthy equipment that will help win the game.

It’s essential to choose the right equipment wisely. From the hockey stick to the hockey helmet, everything needs to have the right fit to avoid any problems during the game. That’s why here is a perfect guide to choose the best hockey equipment. This guide contains a list of all the necessary hockey accessories.

Hockey Helmet

A helmet protects your head from any kind of injury on the ice. Regardless of your age, a helmet is an essential hockey gear to have in your equipment. It protects your head from pucks, sticks, and hits from other players. A HECC sticker on the back of the hockey helmet ensures that the helmet is of good quality. Some helmets also come with visors and cages to provide additional safety.


A mouthguard is another piece of hockey gear that is important for all players of any age. A mouthguard protects your teeth and jaw from any impact while playing the game. It also reduces the risk of head injuries.

A Jock & Jill

A jock protects the intimate body parts. Female players use jills which are similar to jocks and are used to protect private areas. There are various types of jocks available such as velcro shorts and old-style garter belt jocks. Velcro jocks are popular with today’s hockey players.

Hockey Stick

A hockey stick to a hockey player is like a wand to a wizard. It is one of the essential pieces of hockey. That’s why it is vital to choose the right hockey stick. There are two main factors to consider while choosing your hockey stick-

  1. The flex of the stick:  A stick with a higher flex number will be difficult to flex during the shots, which affects the shot power.
  2. Height of the stick: Stick height should be accurate, as a shorter or longer stick can affect the hockey stance.

Hockey Skates

Hockey skates are one of the essential pieces of equipment. Skates play a significant role in improving your hockey skills. A good pair of skates have the right fit and sturdiness to give the player the correct stance, stability, and protection while playing hockey.

The hockey skates should comfortably snug your feet like they are an extension of your feet. It’s better to have a tighter fit as long as it doesn’t hurt your feet.

Shin Pads

Shin Pads are essential gear in hockey equipment. It protects your leg area, starting from your knees to where the skates start. It essentially protects that leg area from pucks, sticks, and other accidents on the ice.


Gloves need to be comfortable and yet flexible enough to give you unrestricted movement. Gloves protect your hands from sticks, pucks, and hits by other players.

The right hockey equipment is essential while playing hockey and improving your skills. The hockey equipment in this list will help you while purchasing your hockey essentials.

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